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 A few posting ideas aside from the obvious Valentine’s Day

2nd Groundhog Day

3rd Six Nations
Rugby fans are a marketing goldmine – incomes are at least 20% higher than UK average. 71% are social grade AB and they’re more likely to convert across key sectors such as business, finance and automotive. These are great reasons to start liking rugby! They love sharing rugby content online (and often share the TV schedule to keep informed). Build a rapport with rugby fans – you may want to pick a side, package products in a way that fits the big teams (think colours or national characteristics) or have some fun. Inspirational images and quotes are sure to be liked online. 

12th Grammy Awards

13th Pancake Day
A great chance to have a little fun. For anyone in catering special menus are the obvious option here! Organise a pancake tasting or tossing competition in the office, with other local businesses or in the community.  Pancakes are cheap to make so a pancake party may also be an option. Invite followers to share their favourite flavours, accompaniments and pictures

14th Valentines
So many ways to share the love! You can suggest people’ share the love’ with a refer a friend promotion, run a Valentines special offer or talk about why you love your customers and clients. A Valentines card for special customers with a little gift. Encourage people to share their loved-up pics or stories. Pilot Pens ran a campaign in which they asked their fans to create handwritten notes for their loved ones – something a bit different in the digital age.

16th Chinese New Year
2018 is the year of the Dog and this is a great opportunity to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year or do something with an Asian theme if your business lends itself. Share relevant Chinese quotes and proverbs, maybe hold a raffle with fortune cookies. Encourage user-generated content by asking them to share festive pictures. People engage with their emotions so a story that taps into the positive emotions and messages around Chinese New Year.

17th Random Acts of Kindness Day

22nd World Thinking Day

Within the Scouts and Guides, this is a day of international friendship. an opportunity to raise awareness of issues affecting young people around the globe and help out. Possibly do some fundraising or take some treats to your local scouts or guides. Maybe you can use it as an opportunity to share expertise with a local trioupe.

24th Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

28th Floral Design Day


Marvellous Marketing…

One Valentines, several years ago now, Innocent drinks came up with the thought to allow their fans to create ‘Love Labels’ for their loved ones. Their consumers got the opportunity to create personalized messages, or to simply choose existing graphics and customize them. Further, Innocent also allowed them to print, attach and share the labels on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Consumers got the opportunity to create personalised messages, or to simply choose existing graphics and customise them.

Innocent also allowed them to print, attach and share the labels on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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