Business Awards – Worth the Effort or a Waste of Time?

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Debbie Gilbert of Viva Networking explains:



Being a finalist or a winner of a business award can hold many benefits. It shows creditability for your work and gives you recognition within your industry.

Award wins can raise your profile both in your local area, elevates you as an expert and can generate some amazing PR opportunities.


Hidden Benefits

One of the hidden benefits of applying for business awards is in the writing of an entry. You need to formulate all the information on your business and your journey. It really gives you the opportunity to examine your business through the questions that are asked, a real 360 degrees review of your company. This is invaluable and this exercise is worth performing on an annual basis even if you don’t end up applying for a business award.


Before Applying

Before applying for a business award check out the history of the awards, previous winners and how it is judged. Voting competitions, in most cases, are a popularity contest and are not a true business competition. If you are not being asked to provide information about your business and get an email saying you have been shortlisted for an award, then asking you to get your customers to vote for you, these are essentially a list building exercise for the company running the awards. Credible business awards ask for detail and expect that to be evidenced.


Check the categories

Check the categories carefully and ensure your business meets the criteria. Once you have selected the categories gather together all the information that is required. Check submission dates, judging dates and if there is a final to attend.


What are the costs?

Awards can be costly, depending on which awards you enter. Some charge an entry fee, there may be a presentation you must do if you are shortlisted so you will need to factor this in. This may involve travel costs and a day out of the office. If you are shortlisted there is often a final to attend. Some award companies charge for the use of the logo and the press pack. So, it’s important to find out before you apply what costs may be involved.

If you are a shortlisted and are invited to a gala final, this is a great way to celebrate, meet other finalists, winners and sponsors. Remember your business name will be shared among all the people attending and if there is a programme you will get a listing. This is great publicity.


Maximise your status

You must maximise your finalist status before the awards final. Share this with your customers, on social media, at networking events and get a press release out. If you win you must do the same! Make sure you add the awards logo to your website, stationary, email footer and social media.

Be proud and shout about it. People want to work with an award-winning business, you could even hold an event to celebrate your win with your customers and prospects. Most people do not maximise the opportunity from being a finalist or a winner so remember to act straight after the final.

Awards are only a waste of time if you don’t spend time and effort on your entry and do not make the most of being a finalist or a winner. If you don’t win or get shortlisted examine what you could improve on, check out who did win and reapply another year. Only you know that you entered so there is no harm in trying!


You can find out about which business awards to enter by using google, check your local area and your industry and check to see what your competitors have won!

Good Luck!





The article was written by award winning (!!) Debbie Gilbert who owns The Best Business Women Awards. This aims to recognise and reward the achievements of business women across a variety of industry sectors.


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