Give It Up For Good (Causes)

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Well, for me, it’s one whole Gin and Tonic a month! That’s pretty do-able AND it’s good for me too!

So I’m setting up my direct debit to HomeStart for £3.50 each month – Sortcode: 405240 Account No. 00029693

What are you going to give up for good (causes)?

Plus we are going to make a SAB/Home-Start video for this campaign and would love for you and your business to be involved! Remember the Justin Timberlake spoof video we made which currently has over 14,000 hits and got down to the last 6 in the BAFTA Charity Film Awards?  Amazing publicity for your business as well as being a fantastic voice for Home-Start Hertfordshire.

It’s just £50 for your business to be included. You need to be at the Holiday Inn Express St Albans on Thursday 6th April in the morning so that we can film you – literally saying something like this: “I’m giving up my shop bought sandwich on a Friday and making my own”. You can, of course, wear branded clothing, or have your website or products in the background (it’s a soft promo as was the Justin Timberlake video).

As we need to keep the video short and sweet – we can only work with 15 businesses – as we need time in the video to show the amazing work Home-Start do. So if you want your business to be in the video, grab your spot now.

Don’t forget that as well as giving up for good causes – your business will be part of the “for good”, as all businesses featured will be sharing the finished video, as well as Home-Start using it to show the general public what they are all about and we will be encouraging other businesses and people to give something up for good.

The end result that we want is a fantastic video for Home-Start to use, and also to get as many people donating every single month – whether it’s a couple of quid, or a whole lot more – every penny counts!

Let’s do this!
Sue and The St Albans Businesses Team
Suzy and The Home-Start Hertfordshire Team