Get Ahead In Business In St Albans

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Well we all certainly did on Thursday 26th January!!! Whoo hoo!  What a day!

Take a look from the viewpoint of one of our visitors 🙂





Big thanks to everyone who took part in the day – from our partners, My Mustard, to our fantastic sponsors, The Celebration Project, and to our amazing venue hosts, The Holiday Inn Express – tremendous job!



Our speakers, Steve Clarke from Eureka Sales, and the amazing Aarti Parmar and Mel Hillbrown from STANTA kept everyone enthralled by sharing their top tips and expert advice on how to get ahead in business in St Albans.





Our 30 experts were extremely busy! 








And a big thank you to everyone who came along on the day!


Here’s what they had to say about it:





Check out Digital Jen’s facebook live about the event:



Don’t forget the challenge that Steve Clarke set us – here’s a reminder of what Steve said:


Great to see so many smiling faces today… keep them that way. Let me know how you get on with the 7-day challenge.

Quick reminder from today;

What business are we all in – sales, get over it. But not the old world way. It’s all about adding value and building trust – then allowing people to buy from you. #SalesMadeSimple

1. WTF… if you were there – you’ll understand, you might need to explain to others who missed it.

2. Pick up the phone to 3 people a day – not cold calling, but who can help you, who can you help?

3. Put up your prices – charge what you’re worth. People don’t buy on price… come on prove me wrong…

Please come and get lots more free hints tips and ideas on my website. Pop your details into my Sales Made Simple Club and I will feed you info that In promise will help you and your business – if you take action.

Crack on.

Definitely, definitely sign up for Steve Clarke‘s tips and ideas – he talks absolute sense and we do not want expensive hobbies 😉



I would also totally recommend getting a copy of Steve’s book “Eureka Moments” – which WILL increase your sales!!


See you all soon – thanks so much for being a fantastic member of the SAB Community!


Sue and June