Masterclasses – for non-members

£75.00 / year



If you are not a TBC member yet, and there is not a TBC Community in your area to join, you can still be part of the TBC Masterclasses – yay!

If you are already a TBC member – this is all part of your membership – find out more here

If you are not yet a member, but are within Enfield, Bedfordshire or St Albans areas, then become a member and the masterclasses are all part of your membership! yay! Find your nearest TBC Community here

In this fast-paced, digital world, sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but never fear – The Businesses Community is here.

We will be running the first in a series of Masterclasses – starting with the first one on Tuesday 6th November at 8pm live in our TBC Masterclasses facebook group

Book your ticket to be part of The Businesses Community Masterclasses on an annual basis

It’s just £75 per year on a rolling subscription

Season 1 will consist of a minimum of 5 masterclasses

The first being “Why bother with instagram and facebook stories and how is it going to benefit your business?” with the fabulous Lisa Nichols

The second will be “Why live stream, who wants to see our ugly mug and how does it help our businesses?” – with the wonderful Susan Heaton Wright

Plus we will be covering Google My Business, Linked In and other subjects to help us in our businesses – watch this space for more info on this soon.

Book your ticket!