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Let’s get learning!

We never stop learning and in this fast-paced, whirlwind of a digital age, it can sometimes be overwhelming with what we need to know, what we should know, what’s going to help our businesses to thrive, and where to go to cut to the chase and get the info we need and quickly!



Never fear! The Businesses Community is here!


And there’s tons we want to learn too! So, working with fantastic members of The Businesses Community  – we present TBC Masterclasses! Woo hoo!


Season 1, Episode 4 – Linked In for Business – you know Linked In is fab for business, but is it right for your business? Amanda Brown, the Homepreneur, joins us on Tuesday 9th April at 8pm to tell us how LinkedIn can help

FREE to TBC Members, £75 to non members



Season 1, Episode 3 – Live Streaming – who wants to look at my ugly mug? Susan Heaton-Wright, The Executive Coach, tells us all about the benefits of live streaming in our business and why showing our “ugly mugs” can make a huge difference.

Watch the video below where we chat with Susan Heaton-Wright of Executive Voice where we chat about the masterclass and why presenting yourself and going for it will do wonders for your business.

Watch the actual masterclass in our TBC Masterclass facebook group which is FREE to TBC members.



Season 1, Episode 2 – “Google My Business” with Cheryl Luzet at Wagada was live on Tuesday 15th Jan at 8-9pm in the TBC Masterclass Facebook group – what’s Google My Business all about, how will it help our businesses, why should we be making this a very important part of our marketing strategy? Cheryl Luzet of Wagada shared with us in this fantastic TBC Masterclass.

Watch the video below where we chat with Cheryl Luzet at Wagada about the masterclass and why Google My Business is an INVALUABLE tool for your business. Fast Forward to 4:10 as we did have a technical hitch with “hooking up”! 😉

Watch the actual masterclass where you find out all the juicy details on Google My Business in the TBC Masterclasses facebook group – FREE for TBC members, £99 for non members – includes all masterclasses, not just this one.



Season 1, Episode 1 saw “Facebook and Instagram Stories – what are they all about, why should I bother to find out more, and how are they going to benefit my business” (short and snappy title we thought!), with the fabulous Lisa Nichols of Social Butterflies.

Watch the video with Lisa and Sue Wybrow to find out why you should bother for your business


Download Lisa’s FREE Straight Talk Guide of why to use Stories in business HERE

And then check out the “how to, which button do I press, what should I post, how do I make a story” actual masterclass in the TBC Masterclass facebook group 

FREE for TBC members, £75 for non members – includes all masterclasses, not just this one.


Definitely try to join us live so that you can ask questions relating to your business. However, if you can’t join us live, no worries, you can catch up in the TBC Masterclass facebook group at your leisure!

All as part of your TBC membership! Result!

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