The concept of a Jelly started in New York in February 2006 when a group of friends realised they loved working from home but missed the creative brainstorming, sharing and camaraderie of being in a traditional office.

So, one day a week they started inviting friends round to work from their home – which gave them the best of both worlds.  They got the quietness that comes with working on your own mixed with one day a week working alongside new and interesting people – with their new and interesting ideas and conversations.

They made it a regular thing and the Jelly was born.

(apparently it was called “Jelly” as there were Jelly Beans at the first New York gathering!)

The St Albans Jellies

The whole St Albans Businesses idea started at a Jelly so it’s a pretty important part of what we do.  So important we have 2 per month.

Anyone can come to a Jelly.  Nearly all the people who attend the St Albans Jelly are from local businesses.  It’s FREE –  just bring your laptop and pay for you own food & drink as you go.

We are always amazed at what goes on in terms of business collaborations at the Jellies – and the generosity of those people there who are happy to share their skills and expertise with whoever is attending.   There is absolutely no commitment involved in attending – just come and say hello.  Stay for an hour or stay all day, it’s up to you.

We find that lots of people who come to the Jelly are working parents who need to do the school runs.  They’re perfect for anyone who can’t do the early morning or evening networking events as they have family commitments.

When and Where?

Our main Jelly is usually held on the 3rd Thursday of the month (but if something like Easter or half term gets in the way, we move it)  The Jellies are held at The King Harry Pub in the snug at the back, 2 King Harry Lane, St Albans, Herts AL3 4BL – from 9am to usually around 3pm.  There’s a full list of dates below.

What do you call a smaller Jelly???

A Jelly Baby!  (we thought it was funny…)

Our smaller Jellies are usually held on the last Friday of the month at the Holiday Inn Express in London Colney from 10am.  There’s more space and plenty of chairs & tables – so you can catch up with other SABS or go and work in a corner area if you need to get some work done or take a call.   It’s free and just buy your own drinks & food  (sometimes they have a charity cake sale as well).

The Host with the Most

We give registered members of TBC the opportunity to host Jellies both at the King Harry and the Holiday Inn Express.  Being a host means welcoming people, making sure that any new visitors don’t get swamped/lost/overwhelmed and giving out our lovely magnets to people who haven’t got them.  Some hosts take the opportunity at lunchtime to say a little about what they do – we’ve had mini-mindfulness, 30 second introductions, Christmas carols – all sorts!

Hosting a Jelly costs £35.  For that we’ll promote the fact you are hosting across our social media channels – mentioning both you and your business.  You’re very welcome to do a little presentation around lunchtime about what you do, share a Facebook live into the TBC groups and have any of your products or merchandise available for people to peruse/buy/enjoy.

You can book your hosting slot in the member’s shop.

Next St Albans Jelly Dates

PLEASE NOTE: The February Jelly on 21st will be held at Rothamstead Research Centre and hosted by Claire and the team there!

  • 14th March
  • 25th April
  • 16th May
  • 13th June
  • 18th July
  • 15th August
  • 12th September
  • 17th October
  • 14th November
  • 12th December

Next Jelly “Baby”* dates are all at The Holiday Inn Express:

  • Friday 1st February
  • Friday 1st March
  • Friday 5th April
  • Friday 3rd May
  • Friday 7th June
  • Friday 5th July
  • Friday 2nd August
  • Friday 6th September
  • Friday 4th October
  • Friday 1st November
  • Friday 6th December

We also have Jellies in Enfield, Bedfordshire and Welwyn & Hatfield

Next Welwyn & Hatfield are at 11am to 3.30pm and on the following dates:

at Red Lion, 88 Great North Road, Hatfield, Herts AL9 5EH

Find your Enfield Jellies HERE

Find your Bedfordshire Jellies HERE