The concept of a Jelly started in New York in February 2006 when a group of friends realised they loved working from home but missed the creative brainstorming, sharing and camaraderie of being in a traditional office.

So, one day a week they started inviting friends round to work from their home – which gave them the best of both worlds.  They got the quietness that comes with working on your own mixed with one day a week working alongside new and interesting people – with their new and interesting ideas and conversations.

They made it a regular thing and the Jelly was born.

(apparently it was called “Jelly” as there were Jelly Beans at the first New York gathering!)


The St Albans Jellies

Everyone is welcome to our jellies. It’s FREE for all levels of TBC members and just £5 to non members.

We are always amazed at what goes on in terms of business collaborations at the Jellies – and the generosity of those people there who are happy to share their skills and expertise with whoever is attending.   There is absolutely no commitment involved in attending – just come and say hello.  Stay for a bit or stay for the whole hour, it’s up to you.


When and Where?

The Jelly is usually held on the 3rd Thursday of the month (but if something like Easter or half term gets in the way, we move it)


Next Jelly Dates

FREE to TBC members, £5 to non members. If you are interested in becoming a member, take a look at how we can help and support your business here


“I get 99% of my business from TBC”

Simon Ratcliffe, Macrat


Here’s what Atlas Translations had to say about the jelly in September 2021:


Who else hears ‘networking’ and wants to run quickly in the opposite direction? 🙋

We did too. Until yesterday…
We were lucky enough to be invited to The Businesses Community‘s Jelly Co-Working Event, organized by the brilliant Sue Wybrow.
With a preconceived image of hard selling, showy businesspeople… we were pleasantly surprised to find the event incredibly warm and completely unintimidating! We met some genuinely LOVELY people with an ABUNDANCE of knowledge across a vast range of sectors.
🧘 Talking mindfulness and Qigong with Michelle Madden from My Present Mind…
🎬 Instagram reels with Ollie and Tia-Lily from Amber Mountain Marketing 
📒 Getting to grips with business accounts with Gail Kruger from Grow With Vision
📱 App Design and all things ‘techy’ with George from Farrel Technology Ltd…
🎨 Brand authenticity with  …

Although everyone came from a different business background, what really shone through from EVERYONE, was the need to be authentic to yourself first, to then make a success of your company.

Thank you to The Business Community for making what could have been hugely daunting, thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. 🙏

#networking #localbusiness