Let’s get to know the people behind the businesses and find out what’s available locally in the amazing city that is St Albans!

BizCom Issue 8 is OUT NOW! Have a read of the digital, interactive copy below – click straight through to the businesses and look out for the videos as well! Enjoy!

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What is BizCom and what can it bring to my business?

BizCom is THE quarterly publication for bringing your business to the community and to other business owners! People buy from people and when they get to know the people behind the amazing business they form a relationship with that business and are more likely to buy from you or recommend you to others.

And what’s more –  as BizCom is an interactive publication we can bring customers directly to your website or shop so that they can find out more, buy from you and contact you directly! AND you can include video links to really give customers an insight into what you do!!

After taking part in the Sustainability Festival in 2019 it made us think a bit more about how we do things at TBC – therefore BizCom is purely digital!



We feature BizCom on the platform Issuu where we share and embed the whole publication as well as create incredible pdfs, gifs and downloads to use across our social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter and LinkedIn! Our combined social media platform currently stands at over 8,000!

BizCom will also be included in our monthly ecomms currently at approx. 700+ subscribers.

PLUS, many of our TBC members will be sharing the publication with their wide social media audiences!



  • Issue 9 – April/May/June 2020 – deadline for content is 13th March.
  • Issue 10 – July/Aug/Sept 2020 – deadline for content is 5th June.
  • Issue 11 – Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 – deadline for content is 4th Sept.
  • Issue 12 – Jan/Feb/March 2021 – deadline for content is 4th Dec.



Front Cover – includes a double page feature! – £249 – Check availability and BOOK HERE

Full page feature, ad, or editorial – £125 – BOOK HERE – just £110 per issue for commitment to 4 issues

Half page feature, ad or editorial – £90 – BOOK HERE – just £80 per issue for commitment of 4 issues

Quarter page feature, ad or editorial – £60 – BOOK HERE – just £50 per issue for commitment of 4 issues



HotSpot – a simple fact about your business – £29 – BOOK HERE







Additional service – Featured Interview – a member of the TBC Team will visit you and film footage about you and your business, service or products which will include a full page feature and 3-min video on our TBC TV channel which you can also feature on your own website – £199* – BOOK NOW



These are all TBC member rates. If you are not yet a TBC member, get in touch to find out more.

Any feature can include suitable video links provided by yourselves as well as links to your websites! Woo hoo!

BOOK NOW to feature in any future issues and pay the above prices.

You must have the rights to use any images that you supply. By booking your feature you agree to our Terms and Conditions

BOOK HERE or email now to get YOUR business in THE publication that brings the businesses to the community in St Albans and the surrounding areas.



I have been a member of TBC for 4 years now , great service.
BizCom magazine that I’ve featured in has been great as it’s brought me a lot of local work.
It’s paid for itself 10 times over and I will always be featuring in it as long as it will go on for.
I have not looked back since.
Anton Leto
ADL Electrical