BizCom is where businesses meet the community (the clue’s in the name!).   If you’ve arrived here because you’ve received a copy – welcome!  Please have a look around the site – we have amazing members, a thriving business community and offer businesses in St Albans great opportunities to collaborate and grow together.

BizCom Issue 3 is OUT NOW – Oct/Nov/Dec 2018

And, you can listen to some of the features from BizCom Issue 3!

Intro and page 2 – What’s in this issue of BizCom?


Page 3 – Jackie of Jaxstar Solutions tells us about her brilliant admin MOT for business packages


Page 8 – So what’s the Businesses Community all about?


Page 9: Money Saver. Life Saver. Ollie Offers


Page 12: Hear from Jez Levy of EYES on St Albans about why he launched his fantastic shop at The Quadrant, St Albans


Page 16 – Events for Oct-December in St Albans


Page 18 – Meet Kick Pistol – a fantastic young local band


Page 19 – Try our “mini” tour of St Albans City Centre


Page 21 – Meet Gavin from The Brandit


Page 23 – Giuseppe from VOIspeed tells us about reviewing your phone bill


Page 24 – Would your charity like a free place in an issue of BizCom?


Page 25 – If you are a TBC member, feature an offer in BizCom


Page 26 – Here’s what our TBC members say



Delivered to 10,000 homes in and around St Albans City Centre and within hours (really!) we had emails telling us that people had already got in touch with the businesses who chose to feature in it. Issue 2 had a print run of 12,500!!! and landed at the end of June/early July not only to homes, but to businesses in St Albans, digitally and….. der der der, via audio, so that you can listen on the go. Issue 3 has now landed.

The publication is mainly editorial, so not packed full of ads – and the whole purpose of it is where businesses meet the community – so getting over to people the amazing businesses we have here.

So basically you book a space and you can have editorial, images, whatever you want (as long as it fits within the ethos of the publication) within it.

WE ONLY PRODUCE 4 X BIZCOMS A YEAR – so don’t miss out! BizCom is THE publication for bringing your business to the community and other business owners!

So there’s only 4 opportunities per year to feature your business

We only have 4 front and 4 back covers per year available – just 4 – well, actually no front covers for 2018 now as they are all booked – but you can book for:

  • Issue 4 – Jan/Feb/Mar issue – deadline for content end November
  • Issue 5 – Apr/May/June issue
  • Issue 6 – July/Aug/Sept issue
  • Issue 7 – The “Festive Issue for 2019” – Oct/Nov/Dec
  • and so on – covers are £750 and back covers are £500

If you want your business to feature in every issue, you can simply subscribe to the monthly rate that will cover you for each edition.

These are TBC member rates and also, as a TBC member, you can pay monthly.  To book your place, make sure you’re logged in to the site and go to the ‘member services‘ section of the shop.

  • Full page: £250 (or £84 per month for 3 months)
  • Half page: £180 (or £60 per month for 3 months)
  • Quarter page: £120 (or £40 per month for 3 months)

Non TBC Member rates:  – all available to purchase in the shop

  • Full page: £280
  • Half page: £210
  • Quarter page: £150

To book front cover and back covers please get in touch at for more info.

There is also a page of “vouchers” – these will be tailored as “gifts” rather than “coupons” and we only have 8 slots available per issue

Member rate: £40, Non member rate: £60

If you’d like to book, you can do so via the TBC Shop (don’t forget to login if you are a member for member rates), or email us at and we can check availability for you.

Timings for issue 4 landing at the beginning of January 2019 and covering Jan/Feb/March is content and images to us by 9th November 2018 latest.

All images must be hi res and you must have the rights to use them.

12,500 print run. Digital copy AND audio copies shared via our social media platforms and to our audiences.

Distribution areas:

  • 10,000 homes in St Albans:
  • Brampton, Jennings area 1450
  • Fishpool Street area 1300
  • Waitrose/King Harry area 1300
  • Chiswell Green area 1300
  • City Centre area 2050
  • London Road, Cunningham, Milehouse area – 850
  • Hill End, Puddingstone area – 650
  • Oaklands, Highfield, Nicholas, Colney Heath area – 1100

Shops and businesses in central St Albans – Holywell Hill, George Street, Catherine Street, main high street and copies in shops in town for the public to take