St Albans News Round Up

Make sure YOUR business is included - here's why:

Life is very busy for business owners

There’s pressure to market your business and be everywhere you possibly can!

We make all of that easy!

We promote your business to a ready made, active audience
To thousands of inboxes across St Albans
To thousands via our social media platforms
Building your "know, like and trust"
Super Simple - just fill out a short google form
Effortless marketing for YOUR business every month
Increasing your profile, your brand and your sales!
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The St Albans News Round Up has proved to be a real success!
The feedback has been fantastic!
People really love the simple email
They love to see their business and others on our social media platforms
And they value the fact they can refer to it on our website.
The simplicity of the delivery of the News Round Up makes it so successful and we are finding that people are enjoying being able to scroll through short and simple information and click directly through to the businesses they are specifically interested in.
We are continuing to concentrate on growing that audience to reach even more people across the city with all the amazing products, services, news and events that are happening in St Albans!
At present we reach:
1,000 inboxes
5,500+ via facebook
2,300+ via instagram
2,500+ via twitter
2,000+ via LinkedIn
Plus via our website

Here’s how it works:

Every month we will remind you to fill out the very short google form with what you want promoted

We do the rest!

It’s really that easy!

All that support for just £99 for the whole year!!! #nobrainer (PAYG and monthly options available too!)

This is included in the Super Simple, Full Monty, bronze, silver and gold packages!