What is the difference between Stripe and GoCardless?

Posted on by Jackie Forster of Jaxstar Solutions


Stripe and GoCardless are payment services that offer flexible management for online payments. However, each service offers different features which results in them being used for different areas of business.

What does GoCardless have to offer my business?
GoCardless was designed primarily for recurring payments, the service was built for brands that collect repeating payments. E.g. subscriptions, invoices and instalments.

GoCardless removes the need for customers to view, approve, and action any invoices you send, so you don’t need to wait around for clients to authorise payment upon receipt of a new bill – the payment is made automatically.

What does Stripe have to offer my business?
Stripe is primarily used for ecommerce sites as it allows user to stay on your site when making a payment, instead of being redirected to another site.

Stripe’s main rival is PayPal, but has many advantages over PayPal. For example, they charge a lower percentage per transaction in comparison, starting from just 1.4% per payment.

You can integrate Stripe Payments with hundreds of other platforms including everything from ecommerce to invoicing software. Some top software solutions Stripe can connect to are Slack, Xero, Shopify, and ShipStation.

Already using Stripe or GoCardless?
If you are already using one or both of these platforms, ensure that they are fully migrated into your other bookkeeping accounts like Xero to ensure they are fully optimised.


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