Tips to Protect Your Business Against Ransomware

Posted on by Daria Isanska of Network and Security

We see hackers quickly adapt their attacks according to trends, for example, the deluge of email that is around phishing and claiming Covid cures. One of the more recent ones has been around Remote Access tools and technologies allowing many to work from home – which the attackers may be exploiting due to the rush to work from home and perhaps businesses not putting in effective measures to secure their employees and the company data.

Hackers now appreciate victims can restore data, so now they resort to extortion and blackmail. They threaten to publish or even auction your data off to the highest bidder.

The damage which businesses suffer after ransomware attacks could be devastating to an organisation, it’s crucial that you as the business owner look to take every step possible to protect your business against an incident.

We have written a short blog on this and would love your feedback.