Start 2021 with clear goals

Posted on by Daniel Graham of OnBrand


Each year, people start by declaring their New Year’s resolutions. Often these are set as ideas and desires, things that they “wish” to do but often without real clarity and objectives. On their own, these are less likely to succeed. So, this year why not think about resolutions simply as goals, with clear targets and a plan?

As part of this, work out what is achievable, have a strategic plan to get there and be clear on what success really looks like. We’ve put together a few thought starters around goal planning and success in 2021.

1)    Don’t start in the New Year!

Why should goals be set in January? Whilst this seems the most logical time to do this, the reality is change can only happen when you are totally committed and when it is a realistic time for the goals you create to be developed.

2)    Write a list

Psychotherapy has repeatedly shown that when writing something down, reviewing and monitoring it has greater chance of success. Thoughts alone don’t drive action and therefore, to be clear about what you want to achieve you must document it. During this process ensure you are clear about WHY you want to achieve this goal. The combination will help provide the process to get there.

3)    Mind set change

Goals cannot be achieved without setting your mind to shift into action. If your goal is to “ run the London marathon in 2022” then your mind shift has to be around believing this is possible and making it happen. It’s not luck, or ‘willpower’. Wherever you are on your journey, be confident that you will achieve it and have absolute certainty you will get there!

4)    Develop a plan

Understand what you need to achieve. Develop a logical and realistic strategy. Who do you need help from? Do you have to compromise something else to get there? How long will it take? What else do you need and what other tools are required to get to your goal?

5)    Be determined

Life isn’t linear, there are ups and downs. This means there will be setbacks. How you respond to these setbacks and the impact it has on your goals is up to you. You need to be determined to achieve and therefore visualise what success looks like.

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