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Making the Most of Your Wardrobe – The Wardrobe Weed
Just like we pull out the weeds from our garden to see the flowers in all their glory, we need to weed our wardrobes too (…chuffed with myself for this analogy!!)

Recently I posted tips encouraging you to wear everything in your wardrobe.  This involved “the hanger trick” and you were “turning hangers” to identify which items you wear and to help you think harder about your outfit choices.  Now it’s time to do a Wardrobe Weed:

Start by taking out of your wardrobe all those items that you haven’t worn (or if you prefer, you can empty your entire wardrobe!) and pop them on your bed:

1. Take each item, ask yourself why you don’t wear it and think of possible solutions

does it fit you? >> can you have it altered?
is it in good condition? >> can it be repaired? can you mix it with other items? >> do you need additional piece(s) in your wardrobe to create an outfit?
is it comfortable? >> if comfort is key, will you ever wear it?
does it suit your current lifestyle? >> will you wear your old work suit now?
do you love it? does it make you feel good? >> If not, you’re unlikely to wear it

2. Based on your answers, put the clothes into piles on your bed:

KEEP – you love it, you wear it…pop it back in your wardrobe!
CUSTOMISE/REPAIR – replace the missing button, get the hem turned up, ask a tailor to alter it (if it’s worth the cost)
MAYBE? – put it back in your wardrobe for another 3/4 weeks and see if you wear it… if you don’t, it goes!
SELL or DONATE – pass on anything that is irreparable (worn out, damaged, stained), doesn’t fit with your current lifestyle or you do not love
– SELL via a dress agency (my favourite is Brockhurst Boutique in Chesham), on e-Bay or other online re-sale websites (eg Rebelle, Depop) or
– DONATE to a friend, a women’s charity or try the online charity shop Re-Fashion; rags/damaged garments can be donated to charity shops too.

3. Put your KEEP & MAYBE items back into your wardrobe and make plans to sort the other piles out ASAP

4. Finally, identify your GAPS and write a list of the missing pieces you need to complete an outfit. Keep this list on your phone and you’ll have it with you when you next go shopping!

If you need help with “making the most of your wardrobe”, then please get in touch.

Have a great month!

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