Creating An Onboarding Process

Posted on by Jackie Forster of Jaxstar Solutions

When it comes to getting new clients, we all want to make sure we’re paying attention to the way we bring them on.

Evidence shows us again and again that making sure clients have a great experience is the best way to hang on to them for the long haul.

I wanted to share a few tips with you to help implement the best onboarding process you can:

Personalise the experience- this can be anything from setting up a call with them to discuss the services they are getting, to writing a contract that you agreed. I’m not suggesting to have a different process in place for each person, but ensure that you make them feel welcome manually and through automated software’s.

Make sure they know what your process is- after someone has agreed to work with you, have a chat with them about the steps that will be taken to sign them up, this ensures that they don’t feel overwhelmed and know what to expect from them and you.

Give them notice and plenty of time- when signing on with a new client ensure to send them all the documents that they need to complete with a deadline to send it back to you. You have to understand they are busy people, so giving a couple weeks to do this is plenty of time and ensures that they are held accountable, and if they don’t meet the deadline you know to chase them.
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