3 Ways to Lift Your Spirits in Style!

Posted on by Lou Murphy of Lou Murphy Styles

3 Ways to Lift Your Spirits in Style!

Are you struggling with the “groundhog day” feeling of the day-to-day?

Is it an effort to pull an outfit together or put on some make-up?

I know I’m slipping a bit on certain days (you won’t see my photos on social media on those days!).  But the days when I make an effort by pulling an outfit together and putting on a slick of make-up, are the days I simply feel brighter, more motivated, better about myself and generally more smiley!

So I encourage you to try my 3 top tips…

1. Wear your favourite colour
Wearing something in your favourite colour can really lift your mood.  If you love the colour, you will instantly feel better!

I love corals and oranges and this jacket is a welcome splash of colour.  It is also made from faux-suede so has the extra bonus of feel-appeal!




2. Try a new look
Variety is the spice of life, so open your wardrobe and create a new outfit that you’ve not tried before or haven’t worn in a while.  Experiment and see what you can create!


3. Put on some lipstick

Look how simple it is to make your face glow!
The only difference in these photos is lipstick! I am fully made-up in both images, but the little slick of lippie gives me a glow.








Let me know how you get on!  If you’d like any help with pulling an outfit together or choosing a lipstick, let me know!



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