The TBC Away Day to Thorpe Park was AMAZING!

Posted on by Sue Wybrow of Popdance

OMG! We had just the best day ever at Thorpe Park!
Judy Britten of Judy Britten Reflexology, Tracey Baum of Tracey Baum Coaching, Karen Francis of LifeWorks and myself of Popdance and TBC grabbed our sick bags and headed off to the fabulous place that is Thorpe Park!

The traffic was kind to us and whilst we had time for some business chat in the car, before we knew it, we had arrived. There were very few cars in the car park and we were hopeful that it wasn't going to be a busy day.

In fact, we were told that there were only 2,000 of us in the park and the capacity is 23,000! So we were on to a winner!

Comfort zones were well and truly pushed! I'm not a fan of horrors or ghost trains or anything like that, but with encouragement from the gals, especially Tracey who was really excited to try out Derren Brown's Ghost Train which is new to Thorpe Park, we headed into the "pre train ride" room where I found myself clinging to fellow TBC peeps for safety! Well the day was supposed to be about getting to know each other a bit better! Lol!

I have to confess that I kept my eyes closed the whole time on the "ride", and used some hypnotherapy techniques on myself to keen sane! But when the ride eventually finished, the gals told me what had happened, so I then felt brave enough to go on it again and kept my eyes open for about 85% of the time!

Judy was pushed out of her comfort zone by going on what we can only describe as a very large and very, very high swing! Which she absolutely hated – but conquered.

Tracey stepped up and went on Swarm – wasn't a fan but was happy to hold Karen and I's bags as we went on it about 6 times! We did have to wait for some essential cleaning at one point as someone obviously hadn't grabbed their sick bags on their way out of the front door!

And Karen, well, Karen was nominated with the best bravery award as she conquered Stealth about 6 times!

We chatted about our businesses, our goals, our struggles, our successes – we brainstormed, we came up with ideas, we ate lunch – Karen had her packed lunch 😉 we couldn't find a salad anywhere! And we finished the day getting absolutely soaked on the Tidal Wave!

It was an exhilarating, bonding, fun, friendly, fabulous day out with fellow business owners! Totally and utterly recommend it! Same time next year?