The Businesses Community St Albans Black Friday Wowzers!!!

Posted on by Sue Wybrow of The Businesses Community St Albans

OMG! You will NOT want to miss out on our INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC Black Friday Offers on, funnily enough, Friday!

They will be announced in our facebook groups – the TBC Members Only group at 9am and the St Albans Businesses Group at 10am!

Do NOT miss it! It’s gonna be fantastico for your business!

Also, if you have any Black Friday offers of your own, get them in the TBC Shop and we will promote them for you – #NoBrainer #EasyMarketing #GetYourProductsServicesOutThere #SomeoneElseShoutingAboutYourBusiness

And…if you don’t have any Black Friday offers, don’t forget that you can feature your products and services in the #TBCShopLocalShop all year round! It’s the place for shopping locally!