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Matt Adams launches new weekly online current affairs magazine - St Albans Times!

The St Albans Times is a weekly online current affairs magazine launched to sit alongside existing news brands, offering more in-depth analysis, features and opinion from a wide pool of community contributors.

It is a title produced with a sense of positivity and passion for St Albans and the surrounding district which harks back to the core principles of journalism: accuracy, balance and accountability. 

It aims to offer an editorial oversight calling on years of accumulated local knowledge and understanding of both the marketplace and the news agenda.

The remit is not to chase breaking news – there are plenty of outlets focused on digital statistics – but to hark back to a golden age of regional journalism when stories were given time to breathe. It’s currently just Matt Adams working on it, and it’s too soon to say what the circulation is as it only launched this month.

“Rather than compete with existing news outlets, I feel the St Albans Times will complement what they are producing and give readers a wider picture of local issues.

In fact, we actively promote the breaking news available from the Herts Advertiser and I have contributed tip-offs and photos to their offering.

I think having two diverse products serving the district can only benefit the local community, ensuring they have unparalleled access to news and information which directly affects their lives.”

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