How to do “tonal dressing” and look slimmer!

Posted on by Lou Murphy of LOU MURPHY STYLES

Tonal dressing is all about wearing one single colour, or varying shades of the same colour, from head-to-toe to create a coordinated look.

Wearing the same colour has an elongating effect, which in turn can make you look taller and slimmer.  It’s a very chic and sophisticated way to dress and can look effortlessly put-together!

My tips for tonal dressing:

* Pick the best colours that suit your skin tone (warm/cool)
* Texture is important – mix up the textures and weaves (knits, sheen, embellishments…) to add depth & interest to your look
* Use a variety of shades or tonal prints
* Experiment with layers
* Add a pop of colour by using contrasting accessories

Here are six suggested combinations from the current Captain Tortue range with coloured Italian leather handbags.  All items are available to see/try/buy from Lou Murphy Styles

Green Jeans, Printed Shirt, Tan Belt
Stone linen trousers, Knit top with camisole, beaded necklace, jewel trimmed blazer
Aqua chinos, Aqua camisole, soft biker jacket, beaded necklace, Palms Scarf, Navy bag
Coral chinos, Coral printed jumper, Printed scarf, Navy bag
Black skirt, Black t-shirt, Orange bag
Jeans, Blue scalloped edge top, Blue jacket, Paisley scarf

Have a look in your wardrobe and see what tonal outfits you can try out.

If you’d like any help, please let me know….I love to help!
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