How Attackers Get Access to your Credentials

Posted on by Neil Kemp of Network and Security

It’s essential that you analyse your business’s security from the bottom up. This means looking at how attackers can get access to your data through trying to trick you into giving away your credentials to systems and applications.

This is becoming more urgent because now, hackers are placing a high priority on stealing personal and privileged access credentials, it’s an easy ‘in’ to a business, and once they are in, they can look around before deciding what to do to cause maximum impact.

We use passwords to secure all our accounts. But how effective is your password security?

Without a strong security strategy, you make your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. Don’t let your company be breached because of a poor insecure password.

If you don’t have proper cybersecurity systems in place, start by talking to an IT expert or read our blog about password security