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Harpenden Spotlight on Africa - an invitation to connect

In this article we:

1. Invite you to contact us to find out more about our 2022 HSOA Hertfordshire Business Partnership Initiative.

2. Update you on the progress of our next key fundraising initiative – the start of the Secondary School Project.


2022 HSOA Hertfordshire Business Partnership Initiative


In the December issue of Inform Magazine we explained how we are looking to create bespoke partnerships with local businesses. 

For you the benefits derived are varied and include:


· Improved job satisfaction and increased motivation of employees

· Enhances your standing and therefore attractiveness within your business domain

· Retention of customers

· Increasing your business’s standing in the community through local PR

· Furthering your opportunities to Network


For us the benefits of engaging support from you are:


· Help in Identifying new and exciting Fundraising Opportunities

· Support with Running events

· Nurturing a greater understanding of HSOA and its accomplishments in the local community


Our events calendar for 2022 covers a range of activities, and we would welcome your support in any which take your interest, these include:


· A golfing event

· The summer garden party

· An abseiling adventure

· The HSoA Summer Ball


Shortly, we plan to host an event where you will have the opportunity to hear in more detail the outstanding work which takes place in Mbale. See map below. You will also be able to meet with us and discuss over refreshments how a 2022 HSOA Business Partnership Initiative could impact your organisation, and help transform the lives of thousands of people in Mbale.


Please do register your interest in the Kick Off of the 2022 HSOA Business Partnership Initiative, by emailing CorporateSocialResponsibility@hsoa.org.uk

Where is Mbale?
Namatala Ward boundary in Mbale

Secondary School Project


The land on which the Secondary School will be built has been purchased by HSOA, and is located in the centre of an informal settlement in Namatala , a ward within the area known as Mbale. The Namatala settlement is one of the largest and poorest in Uganda.


Approximately 30,000 people live in Namatala and over half of the residents are under the age of 15. The overwhelming majority of the children do not attend secondary school. Namatala Secondary School will provide places for up to 1200 pupils.


Research has proven that access to a Secondary School impacts local communities as follows:


· Higher lifetime earnings

· Lower likelihood of substance abuse

· Lower rates of early marriage and teenage pregnancy

· Reduced rates of violence

· Reduced levels of child labour

· Increased concern for the environment

· Improved health and inclusion


Namatala Secondary school will enable pupils from HSOA’s primary school to transition seamlessly to Secondary tier.


In March a formal ceremony on the site of the future school in Namatala will initiate the commencement of this project and will be attended by members of the HSOA Team. HSOA will be working in collaboration with PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) to deliver this school.

The site of the new secondary school: