5 Questions We Asked A St Albans Business – Karen Potton – Utility Warehouse

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We love getting to know the people behind the businesses in this amazing City we call St Albans.

Karen Potton of Utility Warehouse took up the challenge to answer our 5 special questions:


1. What made you start your own business?

There are three main reasons I started my own business. Firstly, I was a budding entrepreneur trapped in a public sector job, too close to retirement to jack it all in, but wanting that feeling of being in control of my own destiny. So I set up as a Utility Warehouse Independent distributor and worked it very part time alongside my other job. Luckily, I am now retired from that role 😊

More importantly, Utility Warehouse now gives me complete flexibility to work around my family commitments. One of my 7 yr old twins has Down Syndrome, and for us that means plenty of medical and developmental appointments. I just ask myself for the day off instead of a boss! As the company payment plan means it is a willable asset, I am also working towards ensuring he is always provided for once I’ve gone to that place in the sky.

Finally, I saved myself a lot of money when I joined, and I want to do the same for others. The jobs market can have its ups and downs, and Brexit uncertainty seems to be a current impactor on that, so I like to think of myself as giving a little bit of certainty around utility bills during uncertain times.

2. What does your business offer it’s customers?

We offer the opportunity to help people simplify their bills and keep their hard earned money in their pockets for longer; that is both for SMEs and for householders.

For clarity, the utilities we offer householders are gas, electric, phone, broadband and mobiles. Once someone is a customer they can also get our cash back card which means when they go shopping, it reduces their utility bill even further. SMEs can get all of that, plus non-geographic numbers.

3. What kind of customers are you looking for? Are there any types of businesses you’d like to collaborate with?

I’m simply looking to help anyone who wants to reduce their home or business outgoings.

I’d like to collaborate with businesses such as estate/letting agents, mortgage brokers, removal companies, electricians, gas engineers, and anyone who conducts financial fact finds to establish outgoings.

4. What’s the toughest part of running your own business?

Knowing when to stop!! I discovered today that there are 82 marketing lead strategies a business can use to get their name out there. I’m learning to focus on just 6.

5. What piece of advice could you give to another business owner?

Enjoy what you do, learn when to get someone else to do bits of your business so you can focus on the important stuff, set goals, stay focused on your ‘why’ to achieve your goals.


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