Peer2Peer Club

The Businesses Community is proud to launch Peer2Peer Club

We are so excited to bring you this fantastic opportunity to solve your business challenges

– do any of these ring any bells with you?

Peer2Peer Club will help you take your business to another level.

Our next session is on Friday 21st January, 9.30am – 12.30pm at Rothamsted Conference Centre in the Fowden Hall

The event will give you:

  • new connections with like-minded business owners
  • expertise from a range of credible business experts
  • Peer2Peer comradery and support
  • people who will challenge you and your thinking
  • a team you can trust to help you overcome challenges
  • clear mindset of how to reach your goals
  • accountability
  • the time to work ON your business
  • Access to over 60 critical workbooks designed specifically to help you build an amazing business
  • how to get the perfect work/life balance
The launch session is completely FREE – in fact it’s FREE until Q2 2022! 
So that’s FREE for Jan, Feb AND March –  as of April 2022, Peer2Peer Club Membership is just £49/month! 

Places will be limited – so make sure you book to attend the launch session today and get Friday 21st January in your diary! We have the Woo Hoo Awards on 2nd December!
See you there!