How To…

Get Your Profile On The TBC Website and Working For You

It super quick, super simple and super important to get your profile on the TBC Website.

It’s where people search to find services such as yours.

Or where people search to find you if they’ve met you at an event.

It’s also where we will point people who ask us for companies such as yours.

Plus – it’s a great opportunity to showcase your amazing business and the benefits of working with you!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Make sure you upload good quality images – it really does make a difference – bannerhead size 1640 x 924 px (facebook cover size), profile photo and logo size 1080 x 1080px (instagram post size). It’s super simple to create these in canva if you don’t have them to hand.

Step 2: Make sure you fill in the “About You” at the top of the form. This is your opportunity to “grab” the attention of the reader. What’s going to make them stop and read it!

Step 3: You can have up to 10 categories – choose from the list or email us at and we can create new ones for you too!

Step 4: Tell us the benefits of working with YOU – keep it short and simple and show us how you can help us with your product or service.

Step 5: Revisit your profile from time to time – making sure your profile is up to date and working for you will really help your business.

Need some help? No problem – email and one of our team will help you 

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