How TBC Can Help YOU and YOUR Business!

The Businesses Community is a place to show you are an expert in your field.


To demonstrate your passion – why you do what you do.  What floats your boat.


If you are a dab hand at marketing – this is your stage.


If you do sod all marketing – this is your opportunity!


The Businesses Community are the nuts!


How do people currently buy from you?  How do people find you?  How do people trust you enough to pay you money! Yes, money!


Is it recommendations?

Word of mouth?

Someone you know whos’ mate asked for a service like yours?


How would it feel for you, if someone else was recommending you?


That it wasn’t just you saying how brilliant you are.


What if people who hadn’t even met you, were telling others how fantastic you are, because they know, like and trust you


Get More Clients

Get More Money

Get More Colleagues

Get More Support

Get More People To Delegate To

Get More Out Of Life

Get More Time

Get To Your Goals

Get A Team (not THE A Team, although we are pretty damn close, we have to knock Dave out before he flies 😉





How can TBC help YOU and YOUR Business?


Come along to the fabulous Holiday Inn Express, St Albans, right by the London Colney retail park on:


Thursday 19th July – 10am – midday


Tuesday 7th August – 10am – midday


Where we will be explaining and demonstrating how TBC can help YOU and YOUR business

Whether you are a member already or not!

No heavy sales pitch

No boring Yadah Yadah


Simply how TBC can help YOU and YOUR business


It’s FREE, Fun and Friendly with a coffee and a biccie thrown in

And you can ask as many questions as you like.


If you want to bring your laptop and stay on afterwards, we can help you to perfect your profile and show you “how tos” that will help your business.


Places are limited (11 per session), so book your FREE place and come and find out what it’s all about