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Is SAB Membership right for your business?

St Albans Businesses has had incredible success and rapid growth since it’s organic arrival in 2012.

We’ve built:

  • An amazing team of a huge variety of businesses
  • An extremely active facebook group boasting over 3,000 members
  • A facebook group exclusively for our members
  • A popular and much visited website

And, most of all, we’ve built a fantastic business community where firm business and friendships have been formed!

– Ooh and we have a BAFTA nomination too (just thought we’d throw that one in there!).

We are the central place for all things business in St Albans and the surrounding area.

Interested for your business to be part of it?

Read on…..

St Albans Businesses (SAB) is all about community, support, collaborations and working together to achieve our goals

  • Whether that be more business for you
  • More money coming in to your business
  • More connections leading to business
  • Forming relationships with fellow business owners
  • Sharing ideas and supporting each other
  • Becoming each others’ salesforce

Do you run a business in St Albans or the surrounding area?

You may want to build relationships with people and businesses here?

You may want people to know about you and your business?

What you offer?

The kind of customers you are looking for?

So that you are not your only “salesforce”?

So that other people are connecting you, recommending you and introducing you to potential clients?

Still interested in SAB?

Your business would be featured on the SAB website

In chronological order within a category of your choice

Introducing yourself and your business to the 3,000+ of us and also to the members only group

With links back to your website (all helps with seo! – hey many of our members are found higher on our website via google than they are on their own websites! – Result!)

Your category gets put in front of those asking for services and goods such as yours wherever we or fellow SABs see it (what’s better than someone else recommending you rather than you saying ‘me, me, me’?)

Feature your news, stories, tips, offers, product and services via the SAB shop, all on the SAB website

All with links back to you

All fab for SEO

All of which gets shared via SAB’s many social media platforms – as well as fellow SABs (SABs love to support each other)

Plus first dibs on many of the SAB events (which often sell out before they hit the main group)

Be part of an incredible team of business owners – all driven to achieve their goals

Don’t forget that it’s not right for everyone though!

If you don’t think that you can be pro-active in engaging in conversation via facebook

Or you won’t post anything on the SAB website leading back to your site to get a wider audience for your products and services

Or you don’t really want to meet up with anyone or get together on or offline

Or perhaps you are not interested in what other businesses are up to, you just want to talk about your business

Perhaps you don’t see the value in becoming part of the SAB Team

Then SAB membership is definitely not right for you

It may be right for you if:

You want to engage with fellow business people

You love all things business and value finding out how others are getting on, what makes them tick, what ideas you can come up with together to help each other

You want your business to be part of a friendly, driven and exciting team who are always coming up with new things, new ideas and fun stuff to really help each other

You want to share your expertise, to bring your personality and experience to the table – SAB is a team thang after all!

You can see yourself getting a massive return on your membership, both financially and personally.

You can see that by becoming part of the SAB Team, you will find you get more freedom in your business as you will build relationships with people you can delegate to, your fellow SABs become your salesforce and you have tons of business brains to pick!

Then SAB membership is definitely for you.

Still interested for your business?

Membership is £15 per month or £165 per year

Your business must cover St Albans in order for your business to become a member.

Monthly or Yearly

Please note that this is a PayPal subscription button – PayPal will take payment monthly or yearly (depending on the membership option you choose) – SAB require a min of 12 months if you are paying monthly – you are then free to cancel your membership at any time, however, please note that if you cancel your subscription and want to renew your membership, you will be charged the rate that’s on the SAB website at that time – if you remain a SAB member, your membership does not rise 🙂 – any queries, give us a shout at


And – £5 of your membership money goes to SAB’s chosen charity, Home-Start Hertfordshire – woo hoo!