Value: Email Branding

Posted on by Jackie Forster of Jaxstar Solutions


First impressions are crucial in business. Not having a custom email or having spelling or grammar errors could jeopardise your business image when communicating with potential prospects.

Let’s start with a custom address:


In today’s society, it is more common for people to contact you via email instead of the phone. Making your email address a core part of your brand, adds credibility.

In a recent study, it was stated that more than 75% of people trust a custom email address than free options like Gmail or Hotmail when it comes to sharing their details.


When using a free email provider, it is very easy to create a near copy of that address which could make clients susceptible to fraud. Whereas a custom email address is less likely to be copied based on the fee.

Having a custom email address also makes it easier to get employees on board too. This allows you to monitor aspects such as privacy, who they share business information with and other legal concerns.

Now let’s take a look at grammatical errors:

Personally, I have received a handful of emails from businesses trying to sell me their services and the thing I am seeing regularly is grammatical errors in their signatures, especially with names. If you are sending someone an email, make sure it’s easy to know who it is from. If your name is spelt without any capital letters, that could give off the impression that you do not show attention to detail, and that is not how you want potential customers to remember your business. First impressions count.

Although it is a minor detail, it does impact on your brand image.

Remember, most email providers do not allow spell or grammar check to their signatures so make sure you double check yourself, or better yet, get someone else to read over it for you.

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