Top Tips On Getting More Exposure For Your Business With SAB

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So you’ve signed up to become a SAB website member – so how are you going to get a great return on your investment?


You can simply fill out your profile as best as you possibly can, with full details of what makes your business stand out from the rest. Telling people about the problems that you can solve for them, and giving them a few details about you and your business.


You can make sure your social media links are featured and that all the links to your website work.


You can ensure your profile image is a good quality shot of you or a good hi-res image of your logo.


You can check that all of this is as fabulous as it can possibly be so that when people visit your category, they can see why they would want to work with or recommend you and your business.





You can do all that and then do nothing.


Yep, you can do that – and sit back and watch other SABs recommend you or your category when they see people asking for your kind of services – you can then just relax.


BUT, you can also get even more involved!


People buy from People – and that’s what St Albans Businesses is all about! Getting YOU and YOUR business known, liked and trusted!


How do you do that?


Posting a link to your website in the SAB facebook group and running away? Uh nuh! No-one likes a “dumper” – check out this short video about how to make the most of facebook groups for your business.

It’s all about sharing your expertise. Asking questions. Sharing what you are up to. Becoming front of mind without being “salesy”.


So how can you do that?



Well, there are a fair few ways you can do this:


Share your business story – why did you start your business, what did/do you struggle with? What did you do previously for work? How did you feel when you took the plunge to start your own business? We want to know. It’s motivational and inspirational to read about other peoples’ business journeys. Upload your content to the SAB website and make sure you include some cracking shots to go with it – these can be of you, where you work, what you do, whatever you want – just make sure you have permission to use the shots 😉


What about sharing your expertise? You may not consider yourself an expert, but we all have things we can share to help others – whether it’s top tips on SEO (if you are an SEO business), or top tips on what motivates you in your business, or top tips on how you learnt something new that helped you in your business, or it could be something you’ve discovered, like a new app or a software that saves you tons of time. We want to know.


Or what about writing something about what’s happening in your business. Your business news. It could be an award you’ve won, or you are applying for. It could be a milestone or target that you set yourself that you’ve achieved. It could be announcing a collaboration. It could be anything that you think will be of interest to others.


Or, how about featuring an offer for SABs – for instance a discount if customer shows you a SAB magnet, or a group discount to SABs, i.e. if 3 SABs want your service or product, you will offer 3 for 2 or something like that.



And don’t forget the SAB shop window! As a SAB member you get one shop window to feature your products or services. You can change your shop window every day, every week, or every hour! This is also great for seasonal products, so if you have something for Mothers Day, or Christmas, or you want to offer a flash sale on a product/service that needs a push, you can feature it here. All with links back to your website where customers can browse the rest of your products/services and purchase directly with you – result!




Plus you can feature any jobs that you have on offer – it could be a new member of staff you are after, or simple the request for a product or service, so you could feature “We are looking for an SEO company to help us with our website”, or “We want to collaborate with a food company to compliment our wine business”.



You don’t have to do all of this at once.

You don’t have to do all of this at all.

Perhaps just pick one – or try and post one thing a month – it’s entirely up to you.

But we all know that we reap what we sow! By putting in the effort and getting involved you will find that over time people will get to know more about you and what your business does – therefore enabling them to recommend you.

How many times do you see people recommending SABs on the SAB facebook? You will notice that the same names tend to come up a lot. And those names are usually names of people who are regularly active in the group and on the SAB website. People who are sharing their skills and helping others.


It doesn’t have to be scary. We all had to post our first tweet, post, facebook live, video etc. and then it just gets easier!


Go for it – make the most of your SAB membership – we want you to get tons out of it! If you need any ideas or need a hand-hold for your first few posts, give us a shout – here to help!


The St Albans Businesses Team