Top Six Areas To Organise Before A Home Move – The Kitchen

Posted on by Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised


The kitchen is the hub of our home. It’s a busy space used for a variety of activities (cooking, working, homework, entertaining etc). Many of my clients feel overwhelmed thinking about packing a kitchen for a home move.

Here are some of my simple tips to make this easier.

What will you need?

Cleaning materials
Bin bags
Labels and marker pen

Kitchen Audit

As with any space in your home I recommend that you start with an audit of what you have stored in this space. This stage is so important even if you are using professional packers for your move.

Declutter and Pack

Once you have completed the audit process you can group like items together. Most people accumulate items in their kitchen over time that they do not use. Now is the time to purge duplicate items, items that you no longer use and items that do not belong in this space. This will make unpacking in your new home much easier.

1. Food: check freezer items to decide what needs to be used up before the move date, check spices and other dried goods for use by dates.
2. Utensils/Containers/Crockery: purge duplicates, surplus items and items that you do not use. Where possible these can be recycled onto an appreciative new home.
3. First Night Essentials Box: when packing a kitchen don’t forget to create a box of essentials that you can use on the first night i.e. kettle, crockery/cutlery/glasses/cups (for each member of your household), tea/coffee, breakfast things, t-towel, sponge washing up liquid.
4. Holiday Home Set Up: two weeks before your move date I recommend that you pick out the essential items that you will need up until the move date, then start to pack everything else. Label the boxes clearly with all items stored. This will make unpacking much easier. You can then live with the core essentials (like a holiday home) until move date.

Help I need support organising my kitchen for a move.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of packing your kitchen for a home move I’d love to hear from you. I can also recommend storage solutions for your new home which will help unpacking and organising this space easier. There are so many things in this space.

Tracy Ross
Professional Organiser
Blissfully Organised