Top Six Areas To Organise Before A Home Move – The Garage

Posted on by Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised

Are you planning to move home over the next few months?

As a Professional Organiser I know that decluttering and organising your current home before moving is an important step in the moving process.

I am currently supporting many of my clients to prepare for a home move post lockdown. It is an exciting time but can also leave you feeling overwhelmed.


I find that most people use their garage for additional storage rather than to store their car. Common items stored here are DIY equipment, extra larder supplies, picnic essentials, sports equipment, gym equipment, bicycles, camping equipment, recycling, laundry items bulky cleaning equipment and other items waiting to leave your home.

If you have a large garage or its been a long time since you last organised this space you may be feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead.

Today I wanted to offer my top tips to help you get started and tackle the garage one step at a time. It’s such a valuable space to organise before moving home and also an area where you can store packed boxes pre move.

What will you need to get started?

• Dust mask and gloves
• Bin bags
• Packaging (to wrap valuable items)
• Labels and marker Pen
• Cleaning materials
• Packing Boxes

Garage Audit

Pick a dry day to declutter and organise your garage as the most effective way of doing this is to empty the garage.

The first step if to audit the items currently stored in your garage. As you empty the items from you garage group like items together by theme.

Keep in mind the space where these items will be stored in your new home. If you are down-sizing home, you will have less space and this is the perfect time to decide what to do with the things you no longer need.

Declutter, Pack and Recycle

You can now review each group of items to decide which you will take to your new home, which are at the end of their life and any items that can be recycled (sold or free cycled).

The next step is to move items back into the garage and where possible to pack items by theme. I recommend that you label boxes but don’t seal the boxes (in case you do need to find a specific item before the move date).

The additional space that you create in your garage can be used to store packed boxes from other areas of your home and items that you need to dismantle before the move.

Help my garage needs sorting

If you need some help decluttering and organising your garage before moving please contact me to book a session. I promise it’s not as scary as you think as I will be there to support you.

I can also recommend effective storage solutions that you can set up in your new home.

Tracy Ross
Professional Organiser