Three Top Tips on how Small businesses can become more professional and profitable with their phone systems

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Charlotte from Voispeed shares her 3 top tips with us:


1. Set up an automatic voice responder (IVR) for a professional appearance.  Even with a company of four you can divide yourselves into different departments and streamline your calls. More importantly, you can advertise your business with on hold music, as well as providing information on opening times. Many of our customers advertise their services on their phone system, and change their background messages regularly, providing opening hours information over the seasonal breaks.


2. Reduce your overheads by using the internet to make your phone calls.   Digital lines (ISDN) are currently being phased out, so the writing is on the wall.  VOIspeed works on all lines (analogue, digital and VoIP), ensuring that you can move to Internet lines/VoIP as and when your infrastructure is ready….. useful if you are based in a barn!


3. Don’t give out your personal mobile number, even if you are a sole trader.  You can have an office number and move/ ‘port’ it to wherever you wish to work from in future.  In addition, you can choose your regional number and, for example, appear to be working in central London even if you are based in a garden office in St. Albans.


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