Social Media Top Tips To Help You Get The Most For Your Business

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When Content Connection started, Facebook and Twitter were in their infancy but we were quick to recognise that these type of platforms were going to become an important marketing communication tool. These days there are very few clients for whom social media doesn’t form a key part of their marketing strategy.

Today there are numerous social media platforms- SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Amino, Grumbler (ok we made the last one up).

This brings us on to our top 5 tips for getting the most out of social media.

1. First of all you need to understand what it is you want Social Media to do for your business. Then pick one or two platforms that will help you do this rather than trying to establish a presence on every one.

2. Decide what tone of voice you want to have.

3. Be consistent and post regularly but make sure what you post will be of interest – don’t post simply for the sake of it – you aren’t a teenager on Instagram, you’re a business.

4. An image paints a thousand words, a video a million more. Use images and videos to make your postings eye catching. Content is king!

5. Evaluate the one thing that hasn’t changed since the team started out in marketing over 25 years ago is the need to evaluate what you do. The tools you are using may be free but they are still costing you time and you need to evaluate your actions.


Sabra Swinson our MD, regularly runs social media courses on behalf of STANTA. For more information see Eventbrite.

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