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Adarsh at Let’s Talk Travel gives us “4 REASONS TO CONSIDER A CRUISE HOLIDAY”

Although some people may think that a cruise holiday is not for them, there are over 1.7 million Brits now cruising every year – and they love it! That’s about 10% of everybody who is going on an overseas holiday, choosing to make it a cruise holiday!

If you still need convincing then here are a few pointers as to why you may want to consider a cruise:



1) There really is a ship to suit every taste

There are now so many cruise lines and cruise ships to choose from –there will definitely be one out there which suits your needs.

When thinking of a cruise, some people worry that they would feel crowded and surrounded by to many people, but take the new Royal Caribbean ships, yes they are very big and carry up to 6,000 passengers, but they are so big, you will never feel crowded – trust us! With an abundance of facilities, such as 16 restaurants (including a Jamie’s Italian), West End shows, such as Grease, or a 150ft water slide – it is super luxurious and extravagant!

However, if you prefer a more British experience then try P&O’s new cruise ship, Britannia. A little more reserved, but still with truly fantastic facilities, including their own cookery school, often hosted by James Martin! If you really hanker after more understated luxury, perhaps something similar to a boutique hotel, then there are plenty of smaller luxury ships to choose from too.


2) It’s a fantastic way to see (and experience) different destinations

If the Mediterranean is a favourite of yours, then a cruise around the Med, say from Barcelona or Venice, can typically take you to five or six different much-loved Med destinations in just a week – now you couldn’t do that on a normal beach holiday. On a cruise, you get to see so much more than using a hotel as your base – just by the very nature of the fact that the cruise liner is on the move!

On a cruise, you can visit all the cities, beaches and historical sites you desire by day and then have all the incredible facilities and wonderful dining every evening, all at your fingertips.

Cruising really comes into its own when exploring long-haul destinations – because you get to experience many destinations all in one trip, sailing from one country to another – really is a unique experience! Or in the case of certain very large countries, you can discover so many regions, that would be impossible to do in the same period on land.

3) Great value for money

It may come as a surprise to hear, but a cruise offers real value for money because you get so much included.

High-quality accommodation on a full board basis, for as many meals you choose to eat each day, often across several different restaurants! Entertainment day and night, including high-quality theatre shows, comedians, nightclubs and an amazing array of fitness and spa facilities. Plus, more and more cruise lines are also now offering ‘Drinks Included’ packages – to rival the all-inclusive packages that so many hotels offer. When you add it all up and take into account the quality and service you will experience, there is little that beats a cruise when it comes to value for money.

4) Cruising is for everybody

It’s true that most people cruise as a couple, and it’s a perfect choice for that, but there are more and more families who have discovered the secret of cruising in the summer holidays. Because cruising is great for kids! Yes, you heard us.

The children’s facilities and clubs on board today’s cruise ships are second-to-none. They offer the latest in technology, activities and dining, so much so, that it’s often said that, parents need to make an appointment with their children for dinner just to catch up on everything they have been doing!

There are also a growing number of people going on a cruise to celebrate a big family occasion. Grandparents, mums, dads and kids can all go together as one big group, and it will be enjoyable for everyone.

During the day everybody in the family can ‘do their own thing’ if they so wish, and then meet up for lunch and dinner as one happy family. Or they can head off and explore the wonders at port together, then back on board for a bit of “me time” afterwards.

Have we convinced you to consider cruising? If so please call us and we are certain you’ll find something you’ll love!