NEW Feature!!! Posting to Google My Business

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Google My Business logo

Do you know you can now post to Google My Business?

OK so perhaps you don’t even know what Google My Business is – you should check this out to see why it’s really important for businesses.

Then you might like to know how to go about setting one up if you don’t have one already. Take this link to find out how to set up your businesses Google My Business page and get your business on Google Maps.

Now on with the new stuff!

You can now enhance your business by posting to your Google My Business page. You’d want to do this to get more Google juice, that’s the stuff that gets you higher up Google Search in organic search results (not paid) when people search for your business.

This is what it looks in the back end of your Google My Business page when you log in

Striking places address

This is what your Google My Business page looks like on Google Maps when you’ve posted

This is what your Google My Business page looks like on Google Search when you’ve posted

You can see that at Striking Places Photography we’ve been working on a fabulous AV mic that’s the world’s first Bluetooth microphone and video app for smartphones. You can click and play and experience an interactive version of the prototype here.


If you have any questions about Google My Business (FREE advice to SAB members) or would like to find out about getting Street View inside your location based business to increase footfall give me (Jo Hailey from Striking Places) a call today on 07966 086133