Why Lastpass might keep you sane!

Posted on by Jackie Forster of Jaxstar Solutions

It’s hard to remember all of the passwords you use to secure your online accounts – especially if you create strong passwords. Password managers offer a solution by securing your passwords, and LastPass is one of the best apps out there.

A password manager makes your internet experience easier and safer. With a password manager like LastPass to manage your logins, it’s easy to have a strong, unique password for every online account and improve your online security. It stores login information of various accounts and automatically enters them into web forms to save you time.

This helps prevent:

The need to remember multiple passwords.

Poor password behaviour such as low complexity or one repeated password for multiple sites.

Attacks like keystroke logging.

LastPass simplifies your online life by remembering all your passwords for you, which is ultimately what every business owner struggles with… (it frees up a little room in the madness of our brains)

I can’t recommend it enough!

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