When did you last declutter your wardrobe?

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How many times a year do you declutter your wardrobe? Or review what’s inside?

I regularly declutter mine! This means I go through my wardrobe to tidy it, to see if I still like everything in it, to assess if I can still get into the items on the hangers, to check what hasn’t been worn in a while (months or even years?!) and importantly, to see the items missing from my wardrobe (read: my excuse to go shopping!).

Once you have decluttered and organised your wardrobe, you will find it so much easier to get dressed mornings:
1) You can easily see which items go together to create outfits;
2) You can challenge yourself to wear an item that you’ve not put on for a while (if you turn all your hangers one way and then turn each one round after you’ve worn an item, you’ll know at the end of the season which items you’ve worn and which have been “neglected”!)
3) You can spot gaps in your wardrobe of garments you need to buy to complete an outfit or to create one….which makes shopping more focussed too.


Wardrobe Declutter – Top Tips:

I always make a point of decluttering, sorting and tidying my wardrobe at the beginning of each new season and as spring/summer approaches, here are my top tips:

* Start by taking everything out of your wardrobe and then you can make a decision on each piece as you put it back in or move it on!

* Get rid of any items that you have not worn in the past year, unless it has real sentimental value.

* Keep the ‘basics’ that you will wear whatever the current fashion trend.

* Chuck out the no-longer-trendy things you just wont wear (ra-ra skirts are no longer in, honest!)

* If you’re not sure about an item, ask yourself:

  • Do I still look good in it?
  • Does it fit me? (Will it ever fit me again?!)
  • If I saw it in the shops now, would I buy it?

* For those clothes that are not going back in your wardrobe, put them into piles for giving away to friends/family; for selling on (try a dress agency) or for donating to charity (everyone benefits from this declutter!)

* Colour coordinate your wardrobe and organise by garment. I put my jackets together, then dresses, tops & trousers, by colour. You’ll then see how many pairs of black trousers you have!

* Spot the gaps – make a note of the items that are missing from your wardrobe and start a shopping list!

Good Luck with your wardrobe declutter! If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them and if you have any questions, just let me know. Go for it!

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