Is your website keeping you ahead of the competition – a quick checklist

Posted on by Neil Kemp of Network and Security


Is your website keeping you ahead of the competition – a quick checklist


When it comes to websites it’s important to do updates as competition and consumers’ expectations change.

There are many benefits that a website can bring to your business. But an outdated site can make your business appear less credible and untrustworthy.


Does your website need improvement? Here’s a quick checklist that you can do right now:

One of the main things that web users will look out for is whether the site is safe. If your site is secure then a little padlock icon should appear on the top left, in the address bar

Is your website reactive? With so many mobile users, you don’t want to miss out on this huge crowd of potential customers. You can easily check this by opening your website on your phone or changing the window size on your computer. Is it easy to read and browse through on each size?

Does your website load for ages?

Is your website design consistent? Having a consistent and simple design throughout your website will significantly improve your user experience.


How did your website do? Perhaps you need a redesign? If so we have many years of experience and expertise that guarantees that your business will have the best quality website that it deserves. Get in touch with us:


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