Feeling Happy Working At Home

Posted on by Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised

Feeling Happy Working From Home

Are you finding it difficult working from home?

Do you miss commuting to your work place?

I wanted to share my 6 simple tips to make working from home a happier experience.

1. Benefits of Lighting: If possible, position your desk next to a window to take advantage of natural lighting in your home. If this is not possible look at adding a lamp with warm lighting or use a light ring to boost lighting in your workspace.

2. Turn Down The Noise: An office workplace can often be distracting with people moving around, colleagues having loud conversations around you etc but working from home can also have many noise distractions. You might be just about to go join a Zoom meeting when the builders next door start hammering, or the refuse truck pulls up middle of an online presentation. Try to find a quiet area in your home to minimise distractions. If this is not possible wearing headphones might help.

3. Organised Workspace: Working in a cluttered environment will distract you from where you focus should be. If you are working in a bedroom for example, make the bed before starting work. Having a clear and well organised desk will help you to stay focused whilst working. Think what you need to add to this space. An in-tray and desk tidy can really help you to stay organised.

4. Regular Breaks: I hear from many people working from home during the lockdown that they are working longer hours with fewer breaks. Regular daily exercise can help to relieve stress and is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing. Working from home you may not have the ideal workstation set up. Simple daily routines such as 5-10 minutes to stretch at regular intervals; exercising pre or post work; or scheduling in a short walk at lunchtime can all help to create a happy and healthy lifestyle balance.

5. Nature Indoors: Adding plants into our home can bring a sense a calm and wellbeing. If we can’t be outside as much as we would like when working from home brining nature indoors will be a welcome boost.

6. Stay Social: Loneliness and feeling isolated it often cited as one of the things that many people do not like when working from home. For the majority of people social interaction at work is very important. Think about how to you can social with family and friends outside of the working day. You may decide to do an online yoga class, have lunch with your partner at home, join a virtual social group or call a family member friend in the evening.

Happy working from home.

Tracy Ross
Professional Organiser