Christmas Gifting

Posted on by Ingrid Berment of Regali Gift Wrapping Ltd

Top Tip: Get it all done for you! Yay!

Ingrid at Regali writes:

I know that Christmas is still a few months away but for a gift wrapper, it’s just about the time when we are contacted by businesses about their presentations to clients & staff and they slip in their orders for friends and family too! It really is one less hassle which, at this festive period, can be extremely hectic. At Regali, we can arrange to have your gifts wrapped onsite. The Regali Elves can come equipped with paper, ribbon, gift toppers, scissors, tape, glue etc to wrap each item to luxury designer standards.

What do I mean by that? Well, for one luxury designer brand (who in the spirit of discretion shall not be named), the packaging itself is such a big deal that each box that is wrapped containing the exact sheets of tissue paper, which are pleated with the exact number of pleats in the exact direction. Then the box is placed in an exact specification in the correct sized bag and the bow is tied in the exact location on the bag with each ribbon being the exact same length… and breathe…

But imagine being on the receiving end of this goodness?!

Has the thought of such precision already worn you out? At Regali, we pride ourselves on standards such as these especially when it comes to volume and we welcome all the weird and wonderful requests we get from clients. So if you would like your associates, staff, family and friends to feel truly valued when you hand them “yet another Christmas gift”, make sure it’s one that stands out from the rest for ALL the right reasons.

We can also design and deliver bespoke ribbon and paper tailored to your brand or give us poetic license to come up with a festive design of your choice. We can even do the shopping for you if you are pressed for time. There really is no better time to think about Christmas. I can say that because my diary already says I may need more hands or elves!

Using contrasting colours makes your gift fun and fabulous!
A bold pattern with a simple ribbon creates a big statement


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