Blissfully Organised Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas and Sustainable Gift Ideas 2019

Posted on by Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised

Many of my clients start thinking about Christmas once they have restored order after the summer holidays. Whilst this may seem early,  by spreading out everything that needs to be done you can enjoy the festive season without any last-minute stresses.

If you are also concerned about a build up of clutter in your home over Christmas, I have attached some gift ideas that you can use yourself or share with friends and family.


1. Check lists and budgets
• Agree where you will spend Christmas, and where family and friends are going. This can sometimes be complicated so it’s a good idea to start the discussion early
• Set your budget for gifts, food, travel and entertainment
• Write a gift list: who are you buying for, what’s your budget and what are your gift ideas?

2. Entertainment and 2020 diary
• Book to see Santa and Christmas shows
• Check when the nativity plays are happening at school and book time off work
• If you are hosting, think about any activities that you would like to do with your guests such as days out in London, local walks, carol services, and so on
• Book babysitters early for pre-Christmas events and New Year’s Eve
• Purchase your 2020 diary and transfer key dates before the busy Christmas period

3. Travel and catering
• If you are spending Christmas or New Year away from home, book your travel arrangements and accommodation
• Book a Christmas food delivery slot and start menu planning for the festive period. Place an order for your meat, fish and wine

4. Pre- Christmas decluttering and home organisation
If you are having guests to stay over the festive season it’s useful to start thinking about where they will sleep and what they will need
• Audit your linens and towels. Purge worn or unwanted items and determine if you need to replace any items
• Declutter your freezer and kitchen storage cupboards. You will need additional space for food and accessories over the festive period
• You will also need to create space to store gifts and additional larder items in the run up to Christmas
• Review the children’s toys and clothes. Purge any broken or unwanted items to make space for gifts

5.The gift list and sustainable gift ideas
• Ask the children for a Christmas wish list and make one of your own
• Order any difficult to buy gifts and look out for seasonal promotions on high value items such as Black Friday
• If you want to avoid a build-up of clutter consider sustainable gift ideas such as experiences (event tickets, memberships or pampering treats); gift of your time (maybe you can offer your time or skills that would be highly valued); purchase second hand gifts (they can be unique and it’s lovely to extend the life of an item to an appreciative new home)


6. Decorations and Christmas cards
• Review your Christmas decorations. Do the lights work? Do you have everything that you need? Will you go for a real or artificial tree?
• Update your Christmas card list and ensure you have all contact details. Write cards in small batches. Hand deliver any cards locally and check the last postal dates for international deliveries (
• Consider sending a Christmas e-card (with a festive family photo) and donating to your favourite charity instead of sending cards

7. Gift wrapping
• Wrap and label all gifts as you go. For close family members use a different wrapping paper to make it easy to identify
• Keep a list of everything that you have bought for each person with a note of where you have stored each item


8. Post and supplies
• Post your cards and parcels early to avoid queues later
• Stock up on key supplies – lightbulbs, batteries, medicines, toiletries and kitchen essentials
• Generic gifts: Keep a small number of gifts for the unexpected

9. Tree, decorations and Christmas items
• Put up your tree and decorations
• Think about how you will display cards and store gifts that you receive pre-Christmas (under the tree or hidden away)
• Take any Christmas crockery and linens out of storage and store in an accessible place

10. Christmas events and final declutter
• By now you will already be in the middle of Christmas festivities and will start to feel the benefit of early planning

• Do a final clear out of the freezer and kitchen to create space for the seasonal items that you need to store
• Request final confirmation of guest arrival dates/times and check on sleeping arrangements

11. Non-perishables and beauty appointments
• Buy final non-perishables
• Enjoy your pre-Christmas pampering

12. Perishables and guests
• Collect/take delivery of perishable/fresh foods. Be prepared for any last-minute rushes to the supermarket
• Prepare rooms for guests
• Don’t forget to delegate tasks to all members of the family – remember it’s your Christmas too
• Relax and enjoy the festive season!

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