Blissfully Organised – 10 Signs That You Need Help Organising Your Home

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If you can answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these statements, then it is time to declutter and reorganise your home.

1. There are rooms in your home that are purely used for storage
2. When you open your wardrobe, you cannot immediately see 4-5 outfits that you can wear
3. You have no idea where your birth certificates, marriage certificates and/or passports are stored
4. Your attic/garage is so full that you cannot enter this space and don’t know what is stored here
5. You still have unopened storage boxes from your home move 2 years ago
6. Your children’s toy storage is overflowing yet they only play with the same 2-3 toys
7. You have a drawer full of mini hotel samples that are at least 2 years old
8. You have no idea how old some of the food items are in your kitchen cupboards
9. You have more than 5 sets of bed linen per bed (some over 10 years old)
10.You can’t remember the last time that you had a family meal at the dining table because it is cluttered with paperwork

The important thing about getting organised is not where to start but to simply get started.

Blissfully Organised Support
I promise that getting organised is not as scary as you may think. The most difficult part is admitting that you need help. At Blissfully Organised I offer a non-judgemental, practical and confidential service to help support you to regain control in your home/workspace.

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