5 Top Tips for Business Survival against Corona Virus

Posted on by Daniel Graham of OnBrand

No point moaning about the problem, time to get on board with the solution.

What’s the opportunity? Every business has an opportunity, despite how bad the threat or crisis of the moment may look. Be positive and focus on your strengths.

What can you do make for a better service or experience for your customers in the circumstances? What’s your USP? Focus on what it is that makes you the best at what you do.

What distinguishes you from the rest of your marketplace? If you don’t have click and collect, or delivery set up for example, can you still serve customers? Can you offer a deliver to car service?

Where is the comms? What is the marketing plan? Don’t sit back and wait for the crisis to engulf you or your competitors move first. Tell your customers what you’re doing – even if its simply that it’s business as usual.

What is your cleaning routine? How often? Have you instructed any deeper cleaning routines? Provided hand sanitiser? wipes? Tell your shoppers that you’re safe to enter. Set their expectations on what they should expect or need to do different, if needs be.

Promote, promote and promote. Don’t batten down the hatches, now is the time to shout from the roofs. Assuming that the inevitable will happen and we will at some point experience some form of lock down or social segregation, shoppers won’t find you online by chance. Get paid promotions out to your core audiences, use digital channels, pay per click and boosted posts. Precision marketing tools are there for the taking.

Use an expert to guide you, but be reassured that all activity in digital is measureable and you can tweak in real time.

Look after your team. These people are more than employees, they are you’re front facing team, your operations and delivery, your brand ambassadors. Motivate them, incentivise them and look after their well being as well. Enable them to work from home where required. Care for their well being and they will care about you and your business.

Plan for success. Have a business plan for continuity and have a page on recovery. What are the short term losses you may have to bear? when and where will you make it back up? when is the opportunity right? if its cancelled it April/May will it be back on again in Oct/Nov? Can i secure prices today at low prices for the future? If you want to have a successful outcome from the coronavirus, imagine what it looks like and map the route from A to B. Stick to the plan, stay confident and on track and you’ll be thanking yourself at the end when you deliver it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the above and it’s been useful. If you’re looking for marketing or help getting your comms to your customers, we’d be delighted to help. Find us www.onbrand.co.uk

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