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Posted on by Lou Murphy of Lou Murphy Styles

I recently shared tips on how to weed your wardrobe.  Now that you have decluttered and detoxed your wardrobe, you can organise the items so it is easier to see what goes with what, create outfits and get dressed more stylishly! HANG YOUR CLOTHES Organise your wardrobe by garment – put your jackets together, then […]

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Caring for your flowers in this summer heat!

Posted on by Theresa Bradstreet of Bradhams Fantastic Flowers

Spring and summer are the seasons for the best flowers, the most spectacular blooms, for weddings and proms and outdoor events. But with our climate warming up, those seasons are getting a bit HOT! We all love to place a vase of flowers on a table or window sill in a nice sunny place, but […]

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Blissfully Organised – Sustainable Home Organising

Posted on by Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised

Sustainable Home Organising – Purchasing Behaviour ‘Be aware of the inflow of stuff into your home’. There are many ways to be more sustainable in your home but I thinking being aware of your purchasing behaviour is a key step. It’s ok to buy a few things that we like but if you feel that […]

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Top 5 Tools to Stay Organised Online

Posted on by Lisa Nichols of Straight Talk Social Media

When you have several social media accounts, digital tools and a multitude of log-ins, it can quickly become overwhelming to stay on top of it all. Here is a quick video of the five key tools I recommend when working with clients:   Watch 10 Minute Tip   Recap: 1. Use Google Chrome as your […]

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5 Top Tips for Business Survival against Corona Virus

Posted on by Daniel Graham of OnBrand

No point moaning about the problem, time to get on board with the solution. What’s the opportunity? Every business has an opportunity, despite how bad the threat or crisis of the moment may look. Be positive and focus on your strengths. What can you do make for a better service or experience for your customers in […]

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Posted on by LOU MURPHY of Lou Murphy Styles with Captain Tortue

Making the Most of Your Wardrobe – The Wardrobe Weed Just like we pull out the weeds from our garden to see the flowers in all their glory, we need to weed our wardrobes too (…chuffed with myself for this analogy!!) Recently I posted tips encouraging you to wear everything in your wardrobe.  This involved […]

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Finding Trustworthy Car Sales

Posted on by Melanie of Redbourn Auto Solutions

Finding Trustworthy Car Sales… Redbourn Auto Solutions, caring for you and your car   Let’s face it, purchasing a car can be a confusing, and sometimes a challenging task.  Do we go straight to our nearest Main Dealer, used car forecourt, nearest Car Auction, auction website, private sale or a friend?  Petrol, diesel or electric?  […]

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3 Great Customer Service Emails

Posted on by Joolz Joseph of Joolz Joseph

Here are some great customer service email examples:      Number 1 – First Direct customer email A great timely, advisory email from First Direct on how to pay your self assessment tax bill. A reminder on the timings you need to use to ensure no late payments. A step-by-step guide on exactly what to […]

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