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TBC (The Businesses Community St Albans) promote YOUR business to an active, engaged and ready made audience of thousands of potential customers and connections.

Whether it’s a one-off promotion, or ongoing support, take a look at our membership packages, one-off and add-on packages to see what suits your business needs.



One-off Promotion

You may have a one-off event, or a one-off product or service that you would like help in promoting

Simply send us the details and we will feature on the TBC website and promote across our social media channels for you reaching thousands of active and engaged local people



FREE Service

Everyone is very welcome to join our St Albans Businesses Facebook Community

It’s where we chat about business, help and support each other and where our TBC members find out more about what they all do and how they benefit their customers

As a non-TBC member, you can promote your business once a month as part of Monthly Market Day!

You will also be invited to receive a copy of our monthly email called “Get Business Wise” that gives you all the business news and very useful events in St Albans each month

FREE – simply join here



Basic TBC Membership

Our basic membership package is perfect for those businesses that would like to be more involved and be able to promote their businesses in the community. This membership gives your business a profile on the TBC website so that people can find out more about you, your business and what you offer.

We will also put your business in front of people we see asking for recommendations for businesses such as yours.

Plus you get access to the TBC Members Only facebook group where there’s tons of help and support for you and your business as well as recommendations, collaborations and plenty of business!

AND you can promote your business in the St Albans Businesses facebook group – and we have themed days to give you ideas on how to do this

Access to past and upcoming Masterclasses

Discounts on events and opportunities

Early notification of opportunities

Sound right for you and your business? Basic membership is just £25 PER YEAR!


Bronze TBC Membership

Bronze membership gives you all the benefits of our basic membership but also enables you to promote your business even further!

With access to feature even more about what you do, bronze membership gets your business out to thousands of potential customers.

When your profile goes live on the TBC website, we then promote you immediately across our social media platforms – reaching thousands of active and engaged people.

You can feature your products and services in the TBC Shop

You can share your news, what you are up to, how you benefit your customers

You can feature your events on the TBC Calendar

You can share your expertise – showing that you are an expert in your field

And we will share one feature per month for you across our social media platforms – again, reaching thousands of people

Plus you can make Member 2 Member offers in our members exclusive monthly email

And you can benefit from all past and future TBC masterclasses – all there to help you in your business

Sound perfect for your business? TBC Bronze membership is just £20 per month



Silver TBC Membership

If you struggle with time and have a long “to-do” list but know what you want to say and know that consistent marketing is key – then silver membership is perfect for you and your business.

With all the benefits of Bronze Membership, Silver enables you to simply send us one piece of content each month and we do it all for you. We upload your content to the TBC website and promote across social media for you! This ensures consistent marketing for your business – and we will even send you reminders so that you don’t miss out!

Sound right for your business? Silver TBC Membership is just £40 per month.



Gold Membership

If you know that you want to be consistent with marketing but you are not sure how to promote what you do, or you simply don’t have the time, then Gold membership could be the one for you.

With all the benefits of Silver membership, Gold enables you to speak or email a member of our team, who will then write a feature for you, upload to the TBC website and promote across our social media platforms for you each month! Ensuring your business is front of mind with thousands of people in the area.

Gold Membership is £150 per month



AND you can start on any of the memberships, and simply use our “add on” opportunities as and when you need them.

So, if you are a basic member and have a particular event to promote, you can simply get the “one off promo package” at £45

Or, we can write a one-off feature for you at £145


There is no minimum period of membership with us, and you can downgrade or upgrade as to what suits your business at any time. We know that business needs change constantly and we are here to support you with what you need, when you need it.


In summary:

MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES Free Basic (£25pa) Bronze (£20pcm) Silver
(£150 pcm)
Part of St Albans Businesses Facebook community Y Y Y Y Y
Monthly Market Day in St Albans Businesses Facebook – promote your business once per month Y Y Y Y Y
Get Business Wise – monthly ecomms for all things business in St Albans Y Y Y Y Y
Unlimited promo in St Albans Businesses facebook group Y Y Y Y
Profile Page for your business on the TBC website Y Y Y Y
Access to TBC Members Only Facebook Group Y Y Y Y
Member 2 Member Offer EMails Y Y Y Y
Access to Masterclasses Y Y Y Y
Discount on events Y Y Y Y
Early notification of opportunities Y Y Y Y
Ability to add news, tips, blogs, events, products and services to the TBC website Y Y Y
TBC Promote one piece of your content per month to our large Social Media audience Y Y Y
Marketing consistency – you send us content once a month – we upload and promote on social media for you Y Y
Find it hard to make time to provide content? Leave it all to us – we will contact you each month to find out what you want to promote, and we will write it, upload it and promote it for you Y
One off promo package – includes features your content on news page of TBC website and promotion across our social media channels – £45 Y Y Y Y Y
Website sponsorship for one month £145 plus £25 Y Y Y Y
Event sponsorships from £125 plus £25 Y Y Y Y
Solus Email £125 plus £25 Y Y Y Y
Get Business Wise Sponsorship £95 (monthly ecomms) plus £25 Y Y Y Y
Jelly Hosting £35 Y Y Y Y
Present the News £20 Y Y Y Y
BizCom from £29 plus £25 Y Y Y Y
Content upload £20 Y Y Y
Write a feature for you £145 Y Y Y


Get in touch to discuss what’s best for your business by emailing and one of the team will be happy to chat through everything with you.

Know what you want and want it now? Simply click on the membership or add on service you require above and get started now.