The Businesses Community St Albans Thank You Bank

We want to say Thank You!

Sooooooo many of you recommend us to friends, colleagues and businesses that you meet that we wanted to say a BIG Thank You!

It’s just a token of our appreciation for taking the time to spread the TBC luurve!

So as of now, when a new member joins The Businesses Community St Albans on the bronze, silver or gold memberships, we ask them how they heard about us. When they give us your name, we allocate some dosh to your TBC Bank Account!

We will let you know and you can then decide whether to spend it, or save it up.

When you do decide to spend it, you can spend it or put it towards things with TBC, such as:

  • BizCom
  • Sponsoring Get Business Wise
  • Sponsoring the actual website
  • Hosting a jelly
  • Going to a TBC Social
  • Christmas party
  • TBC events etc.



You can spend it with any TBC member! Woo hoo! So that could be a pint at the pub with David at The Lower Red or one of Hannah Sessions gorgeous illustrated St Albans mugs for instance.


It could be for a cocktail or dinner with Rebecca at St Villa


It could be getting your nails done


It could go towards printing, social media, copywriting


It could go towards a holiday


The list goes on! You can save up or you can put the money towards something within the TBC Team!


You don’t even have to be a TBC Member yourself to benefit!


It’s just our way of saying “Thank You”


The TBC Thank You Bank