The Art of TBC!

The Art of TBC – what’s that all about then?

Sometimes we are just so busy with life, work, family, social media – rushing here, rushing there, that we thought it was time to STOP! Take stock and have a bit of “me” time.

“Taking time out to take your foot off the accelerator pedal and do things which build your energy like creative exercises such as art are a wonderful way to allow headspace in our lives. They can activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is the “rest and digest” part of the brain and is essential for us to restore”Ruth Farenga, Founder of Mindful Pathway – Practical Mindfulness training for a modern world


Here’s how the event works:

1. People have bought a canvas from us for £20

2. They’ve then painted on it, or drawn on it, or stuck things to it. You do not need to be an artist to take part – dots, stickmen, collages, newspaper/magazine cuttings, some have got the kids involved and perhaps the dog even? We’ve certainly had some fun with this. Art is subjective! And who knows, you go home with the “new” Tracey Emin piece!

3. We then sold tickets for “The Art of TBC” evening which was on Friday 20th September at Rothamsted Conference Centre.

4. We exhibited all of the art – plus we are currently sharing on social media.

5. You put in silent bids on the ones you like – from as little as £5 – bids can be accepted online.

6. Highest bid get to own the artwork and take home or feature in your office or have as a gift – who knows, you may be buying the next Van Gogh!!!!

7. Profits get split between 3 charities, HomeStart Hertfordshire, JDRF Diabetes and MND Association


Last Few Canvases for bidding here – No’s 1,2,6,23,24,26,27,34,44,45


If you do not require any of the actual artwork but would still like to make a contribution to these amazing charities – you can do so here:


Donate to MND Association – with Claire Flawns’ link here

Donate to Home Start Herts here

Donate to JDRF Diabetes here






The lovely Claire Flawn of Rothamsted Enterprises shares her personal experience of how Motor Neurone Disease affects families and how every single penny raised from this event will make a huge difference!

Patrons of TBC St Albans