You have the tools – but are you using them?

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So, you’ve got your TBC membership – you are excited and ready to go but what happens next?


Well, it’s a bit like the gym – you need to go there in order to get what you want to achieve! There’s no point buying the membership and sitting on your sofa eating donuts! But, you will be pleased to know, that unlike the gym, TBC CAN do it all for you!


And, unlike most gyms, you don’t have to physically be there! With TBC you have the beauty of on and offline benefits!


So, what’s the recommendation on getting the most from your TBC membership?


The biggest word of advice we can give is CONSISTENCY! As with all things marketing, it’s all about the consistency. You may be lucky and get a sale or connection with your very first post, however, if you start to build relationships with other people on a regular basis, you will find it has a much better effect.


So whether that’s turning up each Tuesday for “Tell Us What You Do Tuesday” in the St Albans Businesses facebook group – telling us a different thing about your business each week, or showing a video of what your business offers, or photos, or even a simple sentence – this may not have an effect straightaway, but the more you “turn up” the more people will get to know who you are, what you do, how your business benefits it’s customers as well as building that trust. Viewers/readers/listeners will then start to know who to connect you with, or who may be in need of your services or will get in touch when they need your services.

There are other themed days to help you with ideas if you are not sure what to feature. And, don’t forget, that as a TBC member, you can post about your business on any day at any time!





As well as being consistent make sure that your profile on the TBC website is how you want to portray your business. So getting a great image for your background picture, a good photo of yourself or your team and making sure all your social media links work!

Next is to have a great opening sentence at the top of your profile, and then a great description of the benefits of working with you. Video can also be featured – there’s a “how to” video on this if you need it.

Don’t forget to add a live link to your website – google loves back-links and it all helps with search engine optimisation.

It’s really important to make sure your profile is a great representation of your business – we will put your business profile in front of potential customers – so if you have the template image and no description of what you do, it doesn’t represent you well – especially if you are there with other businesses that offer a similar service to you – who are they going to choose! Plus, did you know that many of our members come up higher in the google rankings on our website than on their own – so it’s really important that this is the best it can possibly be. If you don’t have time, or would like help with this, give us a shout, or there are lots of people in the TBC Community that can help you with this too.

Check out the link to Popdance’s profile and see how video works within it.


And, if you like the offline community, join us at one of the jellies that we run each month, or check out any of the socials going on, or take a look at all the events on the TBC website, some run by us, some run by our members. There is so much choice out there – perhaps try a few things out and see what works best for you and your business. If you are a bit worried about turning up and not knowing anyone, message the organiser who will be happy to help and introduce you to people – we are all a friendly bunch.


Don’t forget that you have access to a wide range of masterclasses – helpful videos from TBC members on various aspects of running your business. Plus, as a TBC member, you can share your expertise as a masterclass too – just give us a shout to find out more.






With bronze memberships and above, you have access to the TBC website to really showcase what you do:

• From featuring your products or services in the TBC Shop (which is a shop window for you)

• To sharing your news – what’s happening in your business, e.g. nominated for an award, taken on new team members, sharing a case study, showing how you’ve helped your clients

• To demonstrating your expertise with top tips on your particular field, i.e. tax planning, how to take great photos for instagram, what to look for when choosing an estate agent etc

• To sharing your business story – people love to know people’s stories – why they started them, their struggles, their successes etc.

All with links to your website where people can find out more, or call to actions, contact details etc.

All of this is really simple to do. It’s just a matter of putting a date in your diary for at least once a month to get it done. And then the magic happens! We then publish your posts and then promote that to thousands via our social media platforms! Getting your business out there! Someone else telling people what you are up to! How fab it that!


And, if you don’t have time to do this – we can do it for you! Our silver service gives you a monthly reminder to send us your content and images etc. and we then do the rest for you.


And, if you don’t know what to write, don’t have the time, or simply want it all done for you – we can help you there too! We will contact you every month, discuss what you want to achieve and then do it all for you!


Or, you can work with your VA, or a member of your team or any of our fabulous TBC members to help you.


But above all! Use this amazing platform that can literally get your business in front of thousands of people in St Albans! Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!


We are all here to help and support each other in business – it’s a #TeamThang!

If you need any help, give us a shout. Ping us a message, email us, phone us, or chat to us at one of the jellies.