Why I luuurve what I do!

Posted on by Louise Murphy of Louise Murphy - Captain Tortue

Why I luuurve what I do? by Louise Murphy of Captain Tortue

I really do love my job!

Firstly, I love the collections from the French fashion brand Captain Tortue because it is unique; there are lots of stylish designs and the garments are made from quality fabrics.

One of the things I love most is having a range of clothes that appeals to ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes.  With sizes from 4 to 24 and clients who are 20-something through to 80!

I love taking the hassle out of shopping for my clients by creating a relaxed, fun shopping experience at home. It really is satisfying when my clients say to me “this is the only way to shop from now on!”.

I love helping ladies to feel happy and confident by creating chic outfits for them – showing clients how to mix and match garments and sharing my top styling tips.

I love the feedback I receive about the clothes and the service that I provide. And I love seeing my clients wearing Captain Tortue clothes – it gives me such a buzz!

Finally I love the flexibility of working when I choose, being sociable and meeting new people (clients, other business owners…) and stretching myself out of my comfort zone to achieve more!

What’s not to love?!

Louise Murphy – Captain Tortue

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