Why I LOVE my business!

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Taking up the #TBCFebruaryChallenge and taking 5 minutes out of my day to tell you why I absolutely LOVE my business, Popdance and also TBC!


It all started 10 years ago!!! 10 years!! When my kids were little, I worked pretty much full time in marketing and I wanted to have some “me” time!

I wanted to get fit the fun way and learn dance routines to pop music from the 80s, 90s and 00s – the kind of music I’d grown up around but also the current pop stuff.

I wanted to get away from my phone and the demands of work and children.

Our first Popdance class was held in St Albans back in January 2009!

We’ve just has soooooo much fun over the last 10 years – and continue to do so. I love the business so much as dance is fantastic for some many people in so many ways.

The feel good music, the comradery with fellow Popdancers, the energy, the laughs, the exercise, the endorphins – I felt like a different person after dancing!

We’ve met some incredible people along the way!

We worked with Arlene Philips on a Dance My Street campaign for Alzheimers!

We took part in the Worlds Longest Dance and strutted our stuff on the South Bank alongside Ben who was dressed in a Cheryl Cole “Fight For This Love” outfit!

We’ve hit the headlines in many national magazines, such as Good Housekeeping, Prima, Zest, Top Zante and Slimming World.

And we’ve learnt dance routines to iconic tracks such as MJ’s Thriller, PJ and Duncan’s Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble and Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (very popular for our wedding dances and hen parties)

We’ve been asked to speak at major dance events and we have the honour of dancing with people across the world via our fantastic national and international Area Managers!

I love the fact that dancing puts a great big smile on peoples faces. Whether they think they are any good at it or not! Everyone can dance! It’s gives you great health and vitality and we love hearing from our Area Managers and their Popdancers on how Popdance has connected people through dance and helped them in their lives!

It’s definitely a passion of mine and will continue to be so forever!

Sue Wybrow – Chief Legwarmer Wearer – Popdance World