When I tried alternative healing – in a pod

Posted on by Sally Shepherd of Eve & Adam Boutique Spa

By Sally Shepherd of Eve and Adam Boutique Spa


Recently I tried something I had never done before – I spent over an hour in a Hyperbaric POD right here in St Albans. “What is that?” I hear you say.


Monika and Mark of Body Therapy Hyperbaric Oxygen & Drug Free Healing brought the ‘Pod’ over from Poland because the results have been amazing and, it’s one of the most popular oxygen therapy devices in the world.


I must admit, the only thing I could think that was similar was the ‘oxygen tent’ Wacko- Jacko and other celebs had raved about, but, it’s benefits really intrigued me for two reasons – 1, on a professional level (as health and wellbeing is our field) and 2, on a person level.


I have been with lower back and pelvic problems for what seems eternity that have so far, evaded any forms of treatment.  I had heard that along with neurology, dermatology, cardiology, and dentistry conditions this treatment also can be successful for orthopaedic, sports injuries and, the ageing process – What’s not to lose!


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a natural a non-invasive ‘therapy’ delivering 93% oxygen that offers numerous benefits for physical and mental health conditions.  Also, when the body is saturated with oxygen, it becomes more efficient and ready for increased physical activity. Stimulating the growth of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin results in increased recovery time of damaged structures –e.g skin post semi invasive skin treatments.


The conditions it can help are endless – from muscular and joint pain to autism


So to the actual treatment….


Monika welcomed me with a glass of water and we discussed the process as I completed my consultation form.  No contraindications (yay!) so on with the treatment. I was shown the inside of the blue ‘pod’ and how to work the intercom, lighting and music. I was happy, the pod secured with a zip up mechanism, and not a solid lid closure as I can sometimes feel claustrophobic.  I would liken it to a long tent rather than a ‘chamber’ as some practitioners refer to it as.


Monika explained that the first, and last 10 mins, involved pressurising the pod and she alikened it to cabin pressure in an aircraft.  She would constantly monitor me as this process happened to ensure I was comfortable at all times.  I felt safe and secure as I could press the intercom at any time. I climbed in the pod and was given pillows, blankets and a bottle of water. I snuggled down and as the pressure levelled, my ears felt fine.  The music helps to mask the humming of the machine and although I was in situ for over an hour, the time passed very quickly… In fact, I fell asleep!.


Post treatment I felt very alert.  Monika ensured I has some water and felt well enough to leave.  I thought I may have felt sleepy, but not at all.  I have only had one treatment and I appreciate that a course of these on a regular basis are necessary to see significant changes. I am still waiting a diagnosis on my condition and until I get this, I will continue to try alternative healing methods


For more information contact Mark or Monika at  www.bdytherapy.co.uk